Space Age Storage provide a dedicated project management service for all large scale works.

From detailed scale drawings and documentation (Designed to meet the conditions of the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015), to on site organisation of work teams and general site, health and safety protocols.

Health and Safety in our business sector is very much a 'way of life'.  It is never possible to separate it from what we do as it is part and parcel of our endeavor.

No project is ever worth risking someone’s health or worse still, their life. Our approach is a project driven one, which means everything we do is planned in detail with thought for risk, and its careful management.

All projects are different and require a tailored approach where integration of health and safety protocols walks hand in hand with the every day running of a large project.

As an organisation, we retain the services of a range of professional skills in the form of legal, specialised Health and Safety Consultancy (For situations where unique risk scenarios exist - e.g. presence of toxic chemicals or agents) and project planning.

No project will ever be undertaken without a thorough and detailed investigation in to risk, physical and economic viability, logistics and safety ramifications. Such investigations will only be carried out by senior and highly experienced members of the project team.

We will always expect to provide a full demographic picture of our insurances, operator licensing certification and equipment licensing prior to commencement of any project.

We will always provide a detailed risk assessment and method statement in respect of any project work we undertake.

For further information on our Project Management Service, please contact our sales office on 01538 360202 or EMail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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