Space Age Storage supply and install many different brands of long span shelving.

Long span shelving is used as a heavy duty hand loaded storage system that is designed to store large, heavy and bulky items. It is also a very commonly used to store carton and box type inventory. Longer shelf lengths and greater shelf depths allow for denser storage of modular stock profiles, which in other shelving systems leaves unusable space or inefficient storage footprints.

Typically, shelf lengths are available between 1200mm and 2450mm with possible shelf depths varying between 450mm and 1200mm, and most often supplied at round 610mm / 2 Feet.

Long span shelving systems are normally comprised of frames in to which are located pairs of lock-in beams. These form the support structures on to which either a chipboard deck or steel panels are located either by use of special clips or through the use of stepped beams, which allow for the insetting of shelves or decks.

Long span shelving systems are sometimes used to create bespoke two tier storage systems incorporating platform based floor space and walkways that help to make better use of the available volume in the storage venue.

Long span shelving may also be set up to create high rise installations that are ideal for use with man rising or order picking machines.