Space Age Storage manufactures a range of industrial staircases and landings in steel, to suit most mezzanine floor applications and which fully comply with all of the latest buildings regulation standards.

We are sometimes able to offer mezzanine staircases as a used equipment option.

Please contact us with your requirements, to obtain a quotation.

Pallet Gates

Pallet gates are designed to offer a safe means of access for operatives engaged in the loading and off loading of pallets in mezzanine and raised working platform installations.

Space Age Storage manufacture, up and over pallet gates to suit most applications. All gates are custom made to suit your required pallet heights and the available space on your floor edge. Pallet gates are always floor fixed and are designed to integrate in a seamless way with existing barrier systems.

Please contact us for further information.

Hand Rail – Barrier Systems

Hand rails and toe plates, provide essential edge protection in raised floor areas.

It is a strict health and safety requirement that all floor edges are protected by suitable barriers, so as to preclude the possibility of a person or of stored items falling.

Space Age Storage offer both new and used equipment options for hand railing and barrier based accessories.

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