Space Age Storage is a highly specialised independent provider of both new and used Storage Equipment solutions of all scales and types. Established, for over 15 years the company provides services to a large portfolio of clients including blue chip companies, small and medium enterprises and organisations as diverse as education, local authority and government departments.

 We offer a full design and build service for larger projects which includes, Principal Contracting, Client Consultancy, Detailed Planning, and Health and Safety led Project Management to CDM 2015 Standards (Construction Design Management Regulations).

 If you are planning to construct or dismantle a warehouse installation, we offer turn key solutions for most types of situation.

 We stock hold substantial volumes of used equipment for most 'original equipment manufacturer' brands, and are able to provide, from, general spares or a single bay of shelving, to complete installations as a quality secondhand option.

 Our management team has collectively over 50 years experience within the storage equipment industry. We are able to offer clients, impartial advice on all equipment types and performance as well as technical consultancy in respect of warehouse planning and layout.


What are our opening hours?

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.00AM to 5.30Pm - Visits to our Headquarters at Cheddleton may be made inside these working hours and by arrangement on a Saturday morning - 9.00AM to 12.00PM.

Can you arrange equipment installations?

We have a highly experienced installation team who can be deployed UK wide on projects of most types and scales.

Which brands of used storage equipment do you hold in stock?

We hold a wide variety of used brands and equipment types in stock at any given moment. These often include - Dexion, Link 51, RediRack, HI-Lo, Planned Storage, SSI Schaeffer, Apex, Esmena, AR Systemas, Bito, Stow and Brunyzeel We hold spares for many others and are able to resource new components through most original equipment manufacturing companies. We regularly supply to order brand new equipment through OEM's such as Dexion, Link 51, Apex and RediRack, sometimes in very large volumes.

Are you able to come out and visit us at our site and talk to us directly about storage solutions?

Absolutely - just give us a call or email us and we can make immediate arrangements to come and visit you.

Are you able to help us plan our warehouse space and to choose an appropriate storage equipment solution?

We are able to develop and offer a wide variety of storage equipment solutions, and following a visit to your site and a detailed survey, can produce scale drawings and detailed proposals for all types and scales of installation. We are able to deliver impartial advice on all equipments types and their suitability for use in your particular situation.

We are closing a warehouse and need to dispose of our surplus equipment inventory - Do you buy, dismantle and remove storage equipment installations?

We offer a full dilapidations service including the purchase, deconstruction and removal from site of installations of all scales and types of storage equipment. This includes pallet racking, shelving, mezzanine floors, crane racking / automated systems and small parts storage systems. Space Age Storage regularly undertake disposal projects ranging from a small warehouse complex to a crane driven automated distribution centre covering many acres of space. We offer a deconstruction service for larger projects which includes, Principal Contracting, Client Consultancy, Detailed Planning, and Health and Safety led Project Management to CDM 2015 Standards(Construction Design Management Regulations).

Can you arrange installation inspections and surveys for damage/health and safety/insurance purposes?

We can arrange inspections and surveys for most types of storage equipment installation. Please give us a call to arrange for a quotation.

Do you sell mechanical handling equipment?

We sometimes stock used hydraulic pump trucks, trolleys, Sack Trucks and the occasional used fork lift truck when available. We do not supply new fork lift trucks for either hire or purchase although we are able recommend a number of leading industry specialists with whom we have worked for many years, subject to your specific requirements.

Do you sell storage equipment spares?

In short, yes we do. From a few clips to replacement structural components for most types and brands of storage equipment. We offer some spares as both new and used options (Subject to availability).

Welcome to our web site

 Space Age Storage UK Ltd, specialise in the supply and installation of new and used storage equipment for the warehousing, commercial and retail sectors.

 From our headquarters in Cheddleton, near Leek in Staffordshire, we offer equipment resourcing and 'on site', services to companies and organisations both locally, and on a national basis.

 We hold substantial volumes of 'Used', storage equipment by most of the leading manufacturers including Dexion, Link 51, RediRack and Apex. We cover all types of storage based application, including Pallet Racking, Shelving, Warehouse Safety Equipment, Small Parts storage and Mezzanine Floor Systems. We offer a full design and build service for larger projects.

 Take a look through our site and get detailed information about the specific types of storage products and services we can offer you and your business.  Choose from a wide range of: